Black, Beige and Gold – Breaking the mold on traditional wedding colors


Gone are the days of the traditional white wedding dress. Bride’s are constantly seeking new ways to bring different colors into their wedding to show off their unique style and flair. Brides are again pushing the boundaries to the limits with some brides choosing to don a black wedding dress for the occasion. Some still view this as taboo but with designers like Vera Wang making dresses to suit every brides color preference the days of a taboo black wedding dress are quickly disappearing. Anything goes when expressing your own personal taste in color and black is always welcome to the party.

All About the Bouquet – Unique Non-Flower Styles


No matter your preference, the bouquet is a center piece of every brides ensemble. Gone are the day of traditional flower bouquets as we usher in a new collection of inspired ideas on how to add that extra mile of uniqueness to the wedding. From broach bouquets, to tape bouquets, paper and buttons, the reinvention of this wedding must have is evolving as weddings push the limits on traditional and seek to “think outside the box.” See something here you love? Come and check out our store, we do custom orders to your specifications just contact us for a custom quote!