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Tips to Avoid a Cake Nightmare!


No one wants to think of way their perfect day can go wrong. But, we all hear the stories or know someone who has had it happen to them. My sister tripped on the stairs while setting up the rehearsal hall and broke both her feet the day before her wedding. While I may not be able to tell you how to avoid tripping down the stairs and breaking your feet, I can provide you with some savvy tips on how to make sure you choose the right vendors for your cake and don’t end up with some of these cake disasters.   Make sure when shopping for a cake... View Article

Black, Beige and Gold – Breaking the mold on traditional wedding colors


Gone are the days of the traditional white wedding dress. Bride’s are constantly seeking new ways to bring different colors into their wedding to show off their unique style and flair. Brides are again pushing the boundaries to the limits with some brides choosing to don a black wedding dress for the occasion. Some still view this as taboo but with designers like Vera Wang making dresses to suit every brides color preference the days of a taboo black wedding dress are quickly disappearing. Anything goes when expressing your own personal taste in color and black is always welcome to the party.

The Perfect Eco Wedding – Making mother earth the guest of honor.


Recycling, borrowing and using less is a major goal many people strive for. Taking care of the planet and giving something back. Below is a collection of earth friendly ideas to make mother earth the real guest of honor.       Let the landscape be the decoration for your special day.    

A Day to Remember – A Red, White and Blue Wedding


What better time to create memories that last a life time. Even if you are marrying a serviceman or remembering a fallen hero, memorial day is just that. A day to remember. So, why not start off the road to wedded bliss with a red, white and blue wedding.     The use of all three colors can really make your bridal party stand out.     Make a statement with a dress that just says, “wow!” A unique use of color will leave guests speechless.   A vintage brooch bouquet can honor our hero’s and be the center piece to a new life together.